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May 1, 2001 Inspiration for global best-selling novel sues Arthur Golden for betraying her identity. KYOTO — Arthur Golden’s “Memoirs of a Geisha” sold over 4 million copies and lingered on the New York Times best seller list for 58 weeks. Former geisha Mineko Iwasaki is suing the author of.

Aug 4, 2001 THE geisha who was the main source for Arthur Golden's best-selling Memoirs of a Geisha has hit back at what she claims are slurs on her profession by releasing her own memoirs. Mineko Iwasaki, now 52 and in retirement, published her book in Japan in order to dispel the idea that.

Mar 29, 2000 Mineko Iwasaki, the greatest of the legendary Kyoto geisha girls, knew that Arthur Golden would retell her story in his four-million-selling novel, Memoirs of a Geisha. What she didn't know was that he would tell the world that she sold her virginity for $850,000.