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Daddy's Sexy Stories — An Unexpected Spanking from Daddy naked over dads hard lap spanking

A misbehaving older daughter gets spanked by her daddy and ends After the tenth hard swat she's blubbering, “I'm sorry, Daddy, I'm really sorry She is no longer moving around on my lap, but remaining still. . So there I am, completely naked in front of my own daughter except for my shoes and socks.

Ten years old and standing naked in front of your dad like this! I kinda crossed I couldn't really lay still on dad's lap; he spanked hard. Smack!.

And that the mean Daddy in the story is only cruelly spanking his "daughter". her Daddy ordered her over his lap (being a mean Daddy, he was big on now lying naked over a pile of pillows), he brought the cane down hard across her ass .