Cut | Definition of Cut by Lexico - carefully cut off the bottom so that it fit into


3 Easy Ways to Cut Jeans - wikiHow carefully cut off the bottom so that it fit into

Learn to make the most of your fabric with these tips on how to cut out a tips to learn how careful cutting can help you fit a pattern even when you're short on fabric. be cut off when you hem a garment, so check the length of all skirt, . sewing the long edge to the long edge of the bottom of the garment.

Place the jig on the saw table at a 40-deg. angle, start the cut carefully, and slide and turn the column at the same time so the saw cut is clean and uniform. They must be of a size to fit in the grooves snugly, and slightly tapered to insure a tight fit. the lathe was used in this instance, as illustrated at the bottom of the page.

At this second cultivation the suckers are broken off and buried in the same way Sometimes all of the leaves are removed, but usually only the bottom leaves are taken off. The cutting must be done carefully, so that the seed will not fall out.