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If she's ok with guys getting naked while changing, than doesn't bother me at all. Or is the locker room really sacred ground and I'm being too liberal? Girls who sign up for coed teams know what they're getting themselves into . Then again, this is adult league, so a lot of people are kind of past the whole nudity thing I.

We have a woman on the team who changes in the same room as us yet other women and everyone changed in their respective (gender) locker/changing rooms. .. I personally don't go down to naked in a co-ed room. When I played in an adult beginner league, everyone changed in the same room.

But on the whole, I'd much rather have co-ed locker rooms. But really, I gave birth buck naked in front of my father-in-law twice - any During pick up and adult leagues I have seen both situations but it is up to the woman.