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Escort Visor Clip escort visor clip

Escort Solo S4 Radar Detector - Cordless, Escort Live Crowd Sourcing, Extreme Range, False. Our visor clip mount allows you to attach your radar detector directly to your sun visor. For radar detector models: 8500, 8500 X50, 9500i, 9500ix, S2, S3, 7500, 7500S, 4600, 4500, 5000.

This auction is for one piece. nice sun visor clip mount, good for the most Escort, Beltronics passport radar detector model, this mount is very easy to install, just.

For radar detector models: 8500, X50, X80, 9500i, 9500ix, S2, S3, S4, 7500, 7500S, 4600, 4500, 5000, 6800, RD-5110, C65, RedLine (classic). A classic with our customers over the years, the Visor Clip Mount is a sturdy design of solid, formed metal that allows a detector to.